Crochet pattern maker to sell as a digital product

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Posted 1 day ago

I need to create a bundle of crochet patterns that includes various designs, such as clothing, winter headphones, and other crochet accessories. These patterns should be unique, well-designed, and suitable for a wide range of skill levels, so I can sell them to a diversified audience.

Here are some of the features and requirements I'm looking for:

Craftsmanship: The patterns must be crafted with great attention to detail, with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Original Designs: I'm looking for original and unique designs that can stand out in the market.

Variety: The bundle should include a variety of patterns suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters.

Clear Instructions: Instructions should be written in a clear and understandable manner, with illustrations or photos to assist customers in completing the projects.

Copyrights: I will be the exclusive owner of the copyrights to the patterns.

Timely Delivery: Adherence to the set delivery times for completing the patterns.

Limited Revisions: Willingness to make a limited number of revisions if necessary to ensure the highest quality.

Collaboration: It will be important to collaborate during the creative process, with regular communication and timely responses.

Please share your portfolio or examples of previous work so that I can evaluate your experience and creative style. Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could provide an estimate of your cost to create the bundle of patterns and the estimated time required to complete the project.

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