Data Governance Project Intern

Posted 5 days ago
Full time

The Data Governance Project Intern will support the Head of Data Governance in implementing data governance initiatives across the organization. The successful candidate will assist with coordinating the development and implementation of data governance policies, procedures, and standards, and will help ensure that data is effectively managed, secured, and utilized on Cartier’s Google Cloud Data Platform .

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the definition and implementation of data governance policies and procedures to ensure the Maison’s compliance with data privacy regulations, data security standards, and other relevant guidelines.
  • Work with Data Owners and key stakeholders to identify critical or high value data assets , ensure data is appropriately classified and protected according to its sensitivity and define data quality standards to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data on the Google Cloud Platform .
  • Coordinate the implementation and deployment across Data Domains and Regions of data governance initiatives , processes, and tools , including data quality monitoring, data access management, and data cataloging of assets on Google Cloud.
  • Train and s upport the Cartier Data Community on the definition of roles and responsibilities for data stewardship and ownership, and on the tools and processes at their disposal .
  • Provide support in establishing and maintaining effective communication and collaboration channels with business units, IT, legal, and compliance teams to ensure data governance initiatives are well-aligned and well-executed across the Maison.
  • Contribute to the establishment of metrics to measure the effectiveness of data governance initiatives, develop reporting mechanisms to track progress and identify areas for improvement .
  • Stay current on industry trends and best practices related to data governance on Google Cloud .

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