Fashion designer to teach me illustration and sketching

WFH / Online
Posted 15 days ago

I'm looking for a skilled fashion designer to tutor me and walk me through the basic and progressively advanced concepts of fashion sketching and illustration on paper. I am starting a brand of my own and though I have several ideas, I need to learn the techniques of drawing and how to translate my ideas onto paper. The way it would work is that I will observe and work with the designer in the sketching process, flush out ideas together, and create my beginner portfolio with the final results.

I'm looking for someone with the natural ability to teach and high creativity to help me materialise the glamorous and timeless aesthetic with a touch of retro that I'm aiming towards. I grew up watching the old Hollywood sirens with their breathtaking outfits and delicate mannerisms, and I became hypnotised. I want to create a collection that would make a woman step out of her house feeling like she could conquer the world, yet I need the help of an expert to bring to life these ideas.

The length of the job is undetermined but it should be quick enough to make me grasp the necessary concepts to create this collection. I'm a fast learner, so I need someone who can go at my rhythm.We will work at least four times a week at the beginning. I would love to see your portfolios and have a conversation if you're interested in the job.

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