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Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, USA
Posted 3 days ago

All modeling contract details can be viewed below or on the LELfashion website here:

LELfashion Modeling Contract: August 2022

Intro: All Models Welcome

Independent brand LELfashion is looking for models to hire. All body types and people interested are welcome. There is no “right” size - only the lifestyle you set up for yourself that you like. LELfashion hires you for the one-of-a-kind gem each of us is (not just Geminis either, hee). If you have a sassy style, a quirky aesthetic, an inquisitive mind, an intellectual demeanor, a courageous spirit, an awe-inspiring charisma, a personalized perspective, a uniqueness no one can describe with words, or all/some mix of the above, you will fit in seamlessly. Modeling sessions are in exchange for LELfashion products - any styles and patterns are available (see details below)!!

Contract Details

If you are 18 years old and over, you qualify for a one on one fashion modeling session with the fashion designer Laura E. Lomascolo herself. All studio equipment is provided by and property of LELfashion. Photographs and short videos are taken onsite in public areas as opposed to in a studio and edited later.

**If the photographs are of an intimate nature such as at a private location like a bedroom or house, additional signatures will be required from the model and personal property removed from the photograph site similar to an independent film movie set**

After an agreement has been made formally, it is at LELfashion’s discretion where the photographs are taken and which are selected for marketing in whatever forms. Online marketing is the primary form of advertising, but print in any form, particularly fashion magazines are future possibilities.

If you are younger than 18, a parent and guardian must be present during the modeling session. If the parent or guardian is not also featured in the modeling photographs and short videos, the child model will be photographed with friends/acquaintances close in age.

It is customary for LELfashion to tag the location of the town or city only in each post. LELfashion is based in Philadelphia, PA, USA, but is willing to travel within the tristate (PA-NY-NJ) area and nearby (DE-MD-Washington, D.C. - maybe further) within reason; the details will be clearly outlined for each model session in official contracts. Personal address numbers and property deemed inappropriate for marketing will not be included in photographs and videos. Your privacy is respected. It is also customary for the audio to be removed from the short videos and replaced with music. If the models are under 18, the music selected will be age appropriate without crude language and adult connotations. It is LELfashion’s discretion to select the music for marketing videos.

At this time LELfashion offers products in exchange for modeling services. Everyone onsite will receive at least one product depending on the nature of the modeling session. Most likely for a  model’s first session, a scrunchie of their choosing will be given as an exchange for modeling on the day of modeling if the product is in stock. If the product is not in stock, it will be created shortly afterward and an arrangement will be made for delivery to the recipient. If any custom clothing is made, the model will keep the clothing after the modeling session is over and it is at LELfashion’s discretion how long a clothing photoshoot needs to be. Modeling sessions can range from 10 minutes (for a simple scrunchie photoshoot) up to 2 hours (for an involved custom clothing photoshoot). Most photoshoots are 30 minutes to 1 hour long. LELfashion has 10+ years of professional fashion photography experience and will approach the modeling session with efficiency. LELfashion will arrange a time and place to meet the model(s) most likely separately of their own transport unless previously agreed upon. Please be punctual. It is at LELfashion’s discretion to depart a modeling session location if the model(s) is(are) more than 10 minutes late and has(have) not contacted the official LELfashion phone number via text and/or call at 484.580.9287.

LELfashion is willing to offer digital images and videos without sound or with an approved audio file (if the footage was edited) of your modeling session for free as long as the model(s) tag LELfashion if posted publicly in any way particularly on social media platforms. It is at LELfashion’s discretion to not offer imagery and videos deemed as subpar in the event there are outtakes. LELfashion can edit the photographs and/or video footage for an additional fee decided on in another contract if the model(s) is(are) interested.

The following is a list of platforms LELfashion is on and the brand handles:


Instagram: @lauraelomascolo

Facebook Page: @lauraelizabethlomascolo

TikTok: @lauraelomascolo

Twitter: @lauraelomascolo

LinkedIn: Laura E. Lomascolo

YouTube: Laura E. Lomascolo

Behance: Laura Lomascolo

Etsy Shop: LELfashion

Social tags: #BoldPrintsofNature 🌸🌸🌸

#LEL #LetEarthLive 🌎🌍🌏 #LELfashion 👗

If interested, please email [email protected] with a resume and mini portfolio in costume (clothed) including 2 headshots: 1 authentically smiling (get someone to take your photo while laughing if you must - we want true joy/happiness here) and 1 “vogue” so to speak (not smiling but intense/bright/open/curious/positive/comfortable/relaxed/peaceful/playful/candid perhaps - all acceptable), a full body front, a full body back, and a full body profile (side view). In addition, please include your height and age. If selected, you may be asked to provide proof of age and identity or to mention a referral/point of contact. All model applications are screened for legitimacy. No prior modeling experience is necessary. If under 18, it is acceptable for the parent or guardian to be included in the mini portfolio photographs. All information and images sent to LELfashion are kept private.

If you have any questions and thoughts, please email [email protected] We will clarify everything in the final version of the model contract.

Please circle/highlight/bold Yes or No in the following list:

Would you like to be tagged in social media?  Yes  /  No

Could LELfashion mention your first name in marketing posts?  Yes  /  No

(The reason is because it is viewed as more authentic and as a type of friendship/insider nugget of information for the customers. There is a trend going on.)

If not, do you have an alias/performance/performer/nickname you prefer?  Yes  /  No

If yes, what is it? _______________________________

Model Signature ______________________________________  Date: __________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________  Date: __________________

(if applicable)

LELfashion Signature ___________________________________  Date: __________________

*LELfashion is not responsible for onsite situations in public places*

**LELfashion may make changes to the terms of the model agreement at any time.

If applicable, you will be notified and a new contract sent to you**

Looking forward to working with you!!

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