flexpac operator

Levi Strauss & Co.
Hebron, KY 41048, USA
Posted 22 days ago
Full time


Essential Job Function

Perform keyboard transactions to operate core systems, such as Maui system Process garments and pack cartons following procedures Perform value-added services such as price ticketing, hangers, specialized folding, bags, etc. Apply labels, barcodes Operation of hand held scanner Reprint labels or tags Assemble cartons and manually tape them as needed Maintain established expectancy and accuracy goals Overhead scanners

Equipment/Clothing Used to Perform Job

Casual clothing Shoes with covered toes Adjustable workstation Ergonomic workstation Tape gun Bar code printer Catalog print label Hangers/Hanger machine Plastic bags Cartons Computer Hand-held scanner Pens Denison needle gun Mini markers/leg strips/Uvms

Hours Worked/Work Environment

The plant is clean with a comfortable temperature and moderate noise level.  There are two shifts this job is performed on.  The first shift is eight hours, five days per week.  The second shift is eight hours, five days per week.

Critical Demands of Job

The following information describes the physical activities that are performed during a normal workday by the employees performing this jobclassification.The percentage of a normal workday that the physical activity is conducted will be identified as follows:

Rarely: 1-5% of the time in an 8-10 hour workday

  • Occasionally: 6-33% of the time in an 8-10 hour workday

  • Frequently: 34-66% of the time in an 8-10 hour workday

  • Continuously: 67-100% of the time in an 8-10 hour workday

Standing:(Continuous) This job is performed in a standing position on concrete for up to 3 hours perinterval.

Walking/Carry:(Frequently) Walking in short distances of up to 40’ to retrieve sundries from storage, place at once cartons on storage rack and transfer units from tote tocarton.

Lifting:(Continuous) Lifting units up to 8# from tote 43” high to work station surface (32-37”).  (Occasionally) Lifting full carton (up to 50#) from work station surface (32-37”) to floor or up to shelf at 45”.

Carrying:(Continuous) Carry empty assembled carton (2#) from pallet or staging area, up to 40’, to work surface.  (Occasionally) Carry full carton (up to 50#) from workstation to floor or shelf up to 15”.  (If conveyor is down, carrying full carton may become frequent.).

Forward-Bending:(Frequent) Forward bending while standing to retrieve sundries from storage shelves, assembling carton, etc.

Push/Pull:(Frequent) Push with a force up to 10# to move full carton onto exit conveyor.  Pull with a force of 10# to apply tape to carton.  Push units in the box.  Push lid closed.  Push tape.

Gripping:(Continuous) Full hand grip up to 30# to handle units from tote to carton, operate tape gun, etc.  Pinch grip up to 15# to apply labels, pick up individual units, hang unit on hangers, hand scanners, etc.

Reaching:(Frequently) Reaching forward up to 28” to retrieve labels, remove items from tote, etc.  (Occasionally) Reach up to 72” to retrieve unassembled carton from storage.

Balance:(Continuous) Good balance is required to work around moving equipment, congested work area and carrying items while walking.

Vision:(Continuous) Good vision is required to read computer and to identify appropriate unit.  Color vision is important to determine the quality of the unit.

This job description is not necessarily a complete list of all job requirements or working conditions.  The employer has the right to modify essential job functions, physical demands of the job and job qualifications at any time.

The functional job description as written for the position of Flexpac is an accurate reflection of the job and critical demands as it is performed this date.  From this functional job description, a prework screen will be developed, which will reflect the critical demands as described.

EOE M/F/Disability/Vets


Hebron, KY, USA


Full time

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