Senior Buyer

The Whitaker Grp
United States
Posted 15 days ago
Full time

Overall Duties

As a Senior Retail Buyer at Whitaker Grp, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our merchandise assortment, driving profitability, and leading a team of buyers to success. Your responsibilities encompass a wide range of strategic and operational tasks, showcasing your extensive industry experience and strong leadership skills:

· Vendor Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain deep, strategic relationships with current and potential vendors. Leverage your industry connections to secure advantageous partnerships.

· Merchandise Procurement: Oversee the purchasing of goods from partners across all Whitaker Group banners. Apply your seasoned expertise to negotiate favorable terms and optimize product selection.

· Sales and Inventory Analysis: Provide frequent, insightful reporting of sales and inventory data to the Head of Buying and external partners as necessary. Utilize your analytical acumen to identify trends and opportunities.

· Purchase Order Management: Take charge of tracking current and future purchase orders, ensuring their timely delivery and seamless internal processing. Your attention to detail is crucial in this regard.

· Markdown Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive markdown cadence for seasonal goods, balancing inventory management with profit objectives.

· POS System Integration: Oversee the accurate input of purchase orders into the Point of Sale (POS) system, ensuring data integrity and efficiency.

· Interdepartmental Collaboration: Foster robust interdepartmental communication by sharing pivotal product-related information across the business. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align strategies and goals.


To excel in this role as a Senior Retail Buyer, the following qualifications and experience are essential:

· Leadership Skills: Demonstrate strong leadership capabilities, guiding and mentoring a team of buyers. Your industry experience will be instrumental in developing talent and driving success.

· Industry Expertise: Possess years of valuable experience in the merchandising or retail industry, allowing you to provide strategic insights and navigate market dynamics effectively.

· Proficiency in Data Analysis: Utilize your analytical prowess to interpret data, make data-driven decisions, and strategize for growth.

· Negotiation Skills: Leverage your industry relationships and experience to negotiate advantageous terms with vendors, optimizing costs and quality.

· Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Continue to uphold your excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as these will be key to leading and collaborating effectively.

· Organizational Skills: Demonstrate strong organizational abilities, ensuring efficient operations and effective inventory management.

· Adaptability: Show your ability to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust strategies as necessary to address evolving market conditions.

· Attention to Detail: Maintain a meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing accuracy in all aspects of your role.

As a Senior Retail Buyer at Whitaker Group, you will have the opportunity to leverage your leadership skills and extensive industry experience to drive our business forward, shaping our merchandise assortment and driving profitability.

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