Textile designer to support bring our concept into a reality. Design, tech pack + consultation.

WFH / Online
Posted 3 days ago

We have a design idea and now looking for a textile designer and specialist to help translate that idea into reality! The concept - kids raincoat.

We foresee a few milestones that we'll need a designers for. I've provided approximate time frames for completion to give you an idea, but these are very flexible.

1. The design - translate the design idea from my head onto "paper"! Timeframe: ideally start now for first draft in November.

2. Consultation on fabrics - this may or may not be you (depending on your experience) but ideally we partner with you to get advice on fabrics and production process. Timeframe: Likely ~Jan-Mar 2023 (post Christmas holidays)

3. Formalise - create tech pack for production. Timing: ~ March 2023

4. Ongoing - (hopefully) is an ongoing business and we'd love to keep connected with a designer who knows our brand and product and willing to continue consulting / designing on an as-needed basis. Given this is our long term objective, please only put forward interest if you're open to such an arrangement. Obviously this is dependant on our mutual alignment on working style and design.

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