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Texas, USA
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Job Description

Overall Job Summary:Working at the heart of fast-pasted fashion business, a Visual Merchandiser will create an environment that inspires customers to explore their personal style. This role will support and guide the store team to deliver the most inspiring and exciting Customer Experience in line with the H&M brand and values. You actively drive sales in the store and are responsible to implement the Visual Identity to make H&M the No. 1 fashion destination. The Visual Merchandiser will meet the expectations of customers & colleagues at all times, as well as following all H&M procedures & standards.

This position is within our Store and Sales Function and reports to our Store Manager.

Core Responsibilities includes but is not limited to:


The Visual Merchandiser will set the garment presentation on the Sales Floor & Windows according to the Commercial Handbook. Together with the Department Manager, the Visual Merchandiser will determine additional commercial opportunities in the store within the H&M brand guidelines. The role will execute floor moves based on those joint decisions.

Fashion Knowledge

· Ensure you are up to date with current fashion trends

· Share, inspire and educate the store team on seasonal trend information

Direct Customer Service

· Ensure you meet customer expectations on direct service according to H&M standards.

· Support the store to achieve excellent customer service.

Indirect Customer Service

· Follow up the H&M Visual Identity through implementation of the Commercial Handbook and secure well-styled GTL (Get the Look) mannequins in windows and in store.

· Create a clear red thread from windows to A-area with wearable buying suggestions.

· Ensure high quality, commercial garment presentation with good garment care every day together with store team

· Provide good concept flow by maintaining the concept layout, fixtures and navigation.

· Launch and maintain all sales campaigns and activities on time and according to H&M standards.

Drive Sales Targets

· Identify opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and sales with the Department Manager and then you execute changes accordingly.

· Perform sales follow-up and initiate actions to reach sales targets.


The Visual Merchandiser will support the Store team to enhance customer and working experience in store through coaching. Together with the Store Management team, the Visual Merchandiser will ensure that all legal requirements and H&M policies are fulfilled.

Training and Development

· Evaluate & develop the visual and commercial skills of the store team

· Coach & develop Sales Advisors while executing floor moves together

· Organize, provide and carry out visual training for all colleagues to support garment presentation in line with the Commercial Handbook.

· Seek Visual Merchandiser potential for succession.

Communication and Legal Requirements

· Ensure that all communication in the windows and on the sales floor complies with local legislation.


The Visual Merchandiser will organize and plan the workload according to business needs and commercial planner. The role will ensure safety, security, and administration procedures are always followed.

Commercial Routines

· Together with the Department Manager, you follow up on Store KPIs & initiate actions to reach store goals and budgets.

· Adapt the store planning according to store needs and budget from the Commercial plan.

· Complete and take action on the Best Brand portion of the Store Experience Tool (S.E.T.) to maximize commercial opportunities.

Visual Store Operations Routines

· Complete the sample picking as well as execute the floor moves in a way that creates clear stories and wearable buying suggestions

· Complete all sales floor and window morning routines daily before store is open

· Handle Visual Merchandiser material and visual scheme orders.

· Control quantity and condition of all incoming visual material.

· Maintain and care for all display and interior material with sustainability in mind.

· Keep visual room organized and safe.

· Share information with team on Commercial handbook seasonal changes & continue to evaluate throughout the season.

· Provide updates of all VM information material in the store.

· Ensure that the store always has enough Sale and Activity material.

· Paint the windows as necessary.


· Promote employee and customer safety

· Resolve health & safety, legal and security issues

· Prevent loss

Additional Accountabilities:

· No financial accountability

What You'll Need to Succeed:

· Associate's degree in a Fashion industry specialty preferred

· 2 years of retail visual merchandising experience

· Ability to lift in excess of 20 pounds

· Ability to stand for long periods of time, bend, stretch, engage in repetitive motions, push, pull and carry items (mannequins, clothing, totes, torsos, etc.) for a short distance

· Ability to climb a ladder and use a step stool

· Must be able to work with hand and power operated tools and lift in order to execute display set ups

· Ability to work flexible hours and extended hours at times

· May be required to travel to support other stores

Job Status:Hourly, Non-Exempt




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