Privacy, Terms of Service, and Such

Eventually we’ll get our lawyers to write up something long and detailed that you’re never going read, and it will say something like this:

  • Don’t do anything illegal
  • Don't spam, don't scam, no hacking
  • Respect other people, or we’ll kick you out
  • You must be 16 years of older to use this site
  • Only post content you’re allowed to post (when in doubt, ask)
  • Only post content here if you agree we can use it
  • Don’t post personal info about people without their permission
  • Using our service means receiving emails from time to time
  • If you’re using this service you agree to not sue us
  • If we’re asked to remove your content, we might have to do so
  • Mentions and links are not endorsements
  • We can’t promise this will meet all your expectations, though we’ll do our best
  • We wrote most of the code, but do use some 3rd party system that need to access some of your data
  • These rules are not set in stone, we will change them in the future
  • If you’re using this service you agree to all of the above

We poured our heart into this, we hope you enjoy your stay, and together we can make this the best community for the fashion industry.

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